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Hannah Seeman, Writer

I am Hannah Seeman and I am a Digital Journalism student at VANTAGE. Some things I enjoy doing in my free time are reading, writing and filming so I was immediately drawn to this strand. Something I’m very excited for at VANTAGE is the real life experience I will get. Between dressing professionally every day and having individual mentors who are professionals guide us, I constantly feel myself growing both as an individual and as a journalist.

Something very important to me is hearing different people’s stories, especially when they wouldn’t normally be heard. I have been volunteering with a group of senior citizens for a few years now and being able to hear their incredible stories is what first drew me to journalism. Sometimes I would ask them questions about their past and they would say “no one’s every asked me that before.” I think it’s very important that everyone is able to share their personal stories, which is what also drew me to one of my favorite genres of book, nonfiction.

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Hannah Seeman