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Embrace The Strain

May 6, 2022

Minnetonka High School Weight Room (James Geurkink)


A big part of lifting is what you do outside of the gym. Eating the right foods and taking the right supplements can be very effective to your muscle growth. There are many different types of supplements on the market, some being good, and some being not so good. It is important to know the basic supplements when getting into lifting to maximize muscle growth. These supplements below will give you a taste of what each of them does for you, and if they are good or bad for you.

Protein Powder

Protein powder is by far one of the most recommended supplements on the market. It’s a supplement that is used to make a shake that has increased grams of protein than a regular meal or drink. Protein powder is one of the most beneficial supplements you can take as to build muscle. Ideally you want to aim for your body weight in grams of protein per day. With the help of protein powder you can reach you’re goal of protein for the day easier. Overall protein powder is a safe studied and effective supplement that can increase muscle growth tremendously.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine monohydrate is a lesser known supplement that is severely underrated and effective. Creatine monohydrate is a grain/power supplement that causes your muscle cells to store more water. This causes your muscles to appear fuller, bigger, and start to increase early on while taking this supplement. This is one of the most studied supplements on the market and proven to be safe and effective. When taking this supplement you must be drinking a lot of water to make up for the water being stored in your cells. If used correctly this supplement will take your progress to another level.


Steroids are a supplement that is different from the rest. Steroids bring in an unnatural way of growing muscle unlike any other supplements on the market. There are many types of steroids such as sarms, testosterone boosters, trenbolone and many more. These supplements increase strength, and muscle growth in an abnormal way throughout a cycle of the steroid. This might sound appealing towards your muscle progress, but the side effects are very dangerous. Some of these side effects include fluid retention, damaged nerves due to injecting steroids, irritability, aggression, and skin changes. These side effects continue to get worse as you keep taking the supplement. Side effects include kidney and liver failure, increased blood pressure, and very dangerous cholesterol changes for all ages. Overall this is a very dangerous supplement that shouldn’t be taken due to the drastic side effects. Continue your path on the natural route and your health and muscles will thank you.

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Minnetonka High School Weight Room (minnetonkafootball.org)

Lifting Specifics

There are many specifics when it comes to lifting weight, from the exercises, the amount of weight, to the rep ranges you use. Talking more specifically about the rep ranges, different rep ranges can target the muscles differently. Rep ranges can help you set personal goals and desires by attacking the muscle in different ways. The two main rep ranges used are lifting heavier weights for less reps and lifting lighter weight for more reps. Both rep ranges can build a healthy lifestyle from working out, but it is important to know what exactly your rep ranges are targeting.

Heavy Weight & Less Reps:

– Builds Strength
– Builds Muscle Mass
– More tension on the muscles

Light Weight & More Reps:

– Builds Muscle Endurance
– Fatigues the Muscle

Ideal rep ranges for goals

Build Muscle Endurance:

– 3 sets
– 10-12 reps that fatigues you
– Light Weight

Gain muscle:

– 5 sets
– 3-5 reps
– Heavyweight

Minnetonka High School Weight Room (James Geurkink)

Healthy Lifestyle

Chasing a healthy lifestyle is a goal for many but not many people know how to achieve it, and don’t know where to start. Weight lifting is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise, and one of the biggest steps towards a healthy lifestyle. Weight lifting is so effective because it not only burns calories to get you in shape, but at the same time weight lifting adds muscle. Lifting weights is not only good for gaining muscle as it may enhance your quality of life and improve your ability to do everyday activities. Strength training can also protect your joints that can prevent injuries. Along with all the physical benefits weight lifting can teach lifelong skills and lessons. When it comes to weight lifting nothing comes easy, only the few that put in quality work will come out with results. Many try and many fail to stick with it, as it does get hard. Lifting can create a form of discipline that you can use in your everyday life as well as the gym. Discipline is where even when you don’t want to do something you push through those thoughts and go through with it. This skill can set you apart from the average person by showing your dedication and commitment to any task that you face in your life.

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