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What if this is all just a tech demo? What is this void that ruptures the bridge between euphoria and reality? Who or what is the mysterious Monogon Industries? Boneworks VR covers those questions. 


Boneworks is a virtual reality game developed by the company Stress Level Zero. You start the game playing the protagonist, Arthur Ford, as his VR avatar; a replication of himself in real life. It is implied through a brief cutscene that Ford is an employee at Monogon Industries who rebels against his own company to search for the truth about the Void. The game takes pride in it’s realistic look and physics-based simulations. The game takes you through a story mode that allows players to unlock certain achievements and rewards. These rewards include weapons, NPCs, and even keys to the sandbox gamemode. Fight your way through monsters and the occasional puzzle here and there. Despite the positive nature and somewhat cheerful aesthetic of the game, there’s a much darker underlying reality.


The game is very reminiscent of the video game Half-Life 2 in many respects, however, the game takes on a completely different and unique storyline. The essence of the game seems to allude to an existential sort of tone. The whole underlying theme is that you’re in a world inside another world. The game teases you with in-game headsets that you can put on and explore. In other places, you may find messages written on the wall like “What if this is just a tech demo?”, or “Blood particles are too expensive”. These messages allude to a breaking-of-the-fourth-wall, as this alludes to video game development processes. Graffiti on the wall warns of a dangerous ‘void’ entity and to avoid it at all costs. It is presumed that these void entities are what keep people forever imprisoned in the digital world. Monogon Industries is described as a global conglomerate that excels in certain fields such as education, medical research, and hardware. They control every aspect of the VR world. You, as Arthur Ford, must combat Monogon Industries in uncovering the truth about its system and the Void energy it contains.

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